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Actor  .  Songwriter  .  Vocalist
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(my music)



Like a puzzle

With no edges

Keeps on building out

Kaleidoscope with no focus

We'll play cat and mouse

Wind me up and I'll run circles

Ignore the way out

Playing games not meant to hurt us

We figured out how


In the face of your echo
Find warmth in the shadow
You left yesterday
Tighter hold on each other
Letting go feels harder
So which is the mistake

Grey in your bed sheets
Serves to remind me
It's not black and white
Can we

Leave out the perfect
Messy it's worth it
You could just be mine

All mine


I know that I'm fire

And I know that my desire

Is you with me

But listen I ain't

Losing no sleep

Boy you're grown

Do your own saving

Look-  I never woulda

F*^#ed with you

If I didn't see you could

Do much better

I'm saying I believe

You can do better

But you're not

Pulling me down

While you pull

Yourself together


Cotton candy in the sky
Who taught you to fly
Butterscotch up high
You’ve got me baking

Lemon drops drip down our skin
Like salty taffy off my chin
Love this wonderland we’re in
(can we just pretend)

You and I on white chocolate sidewalks
Tootsie trees with green apple gum drops
Frosting breeze take a seat on pop rocks
(I love my ginger man)

You’re my peanut butter cup
Praline King come fill me up



Get me some

Sweet Love – sweet love
That sugar rush - I’m dreaming of
Sweet Love – sweet, sweet love
When my bowl runs over
Just pour me another
Baby I’m yours - oh come over share yours

Baby you’re my diet my nutrition
Candy apple red-carmel dippin
The answer and the source of my addiction
The birthday candle wish I’m wishin

Baby you’re my diet my nutrition
Candy apple red-carmel dippin
The answer and the source of my addiction
Gimme all the sweets you’re dishin


Your beauty like a siren

Didn't hear the alarms warn

Before I knew it I was captured

Had me thinking I was home

You had me counting petals

Looking for the seeds to sow

Left me out there in the summer

Cracked ground and none to grow

In you I found direction

Paved with good intention

Nothing more than a mirage

Of my own broken reflection

Can I speak out of anger?

I wish you were hurting more

Cuz rose bushes have thorns

And violets get torn


Looking out as clouds escape me
Feeling like a time-lapse daily
Any plane to take me somewhere new

Birds take flight outside my window
Morning rays play with their shadows
All these wings but I can’t get to you


(reel & scenes)




Like smokey scotch

Through my veins

Lingering after every taste

Warms my chest and

Calms my brain

Like smokey scotch

Through my veins

I love the way you talk to me

Convincing me your talk ain't cheap

The honesty- so bittersweet

My favorite treat


You've always been enough

On your own

Baby you don't need

To earn their love

That's not how spirits grow

Above the water I'm gliding

My feet are fighting below

While my soul is hiding

My face is selling the show

I miss the beauty that's written

There's pain in the middle of growth

When I reach the ending

Is the only time I'll know

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I'm spinning here in circles

I drilled a hole in the surface

Looks like grief

Can out-hard old concrete

And I'm stuck spinning

Time has all but- stopped

All while my thoughts

Race old, broken clocks

I've got my mind made- up

But I can't translate it's thoughts



Hi! I'm Elise.

I am a Los Angeles-based actor, Groundlings student, songwriter, and NBA hype squad member (let's talk NBA!).


I am studying at The Groundlings, and improv ignites my heart with overflowing joy! I love the skills Groundlings training allows me to bring on set- it is truly an asset and a thrill combined. Acting is playing, and I love bringing skill and integrity to all parts of the process. I even love auditioning. Truly! I consider it a privilege to explore and bring writers' worlds to life. We play for the team here.

On a different note:

My newest song 'S.G.E. (sad girl era)' is out now!

I am so proud of this writing in particular- it's proof that some of the most beautiful work can come from the most broken spaces. Please check out the social tags to listen on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and other partner sites- wherever you prefer to stream.

P.S.:  Please add my music to your playlists! It's one of my greatest joys to write lyrics for myself and others; to sing and to share it all with you (some of my favorite lyrics that I've written are in the Lyrics section on this site).  AND, if you're looking for a co-write or a conversation about song placement and sync, I'm your girl! Contact below (or via IG).

Want to know a little more about me? I'd love to share! Give me a follow on TikTokIG for the best updates along the way.  <3

As always from my pen (or, keyboard I guess..) to you: You're doing great! Keep existing. Keep showing up;








(reel & scenes)


(my music)

Actors Access

(headshots | resume)


Thank you!

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